Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rough Day.

I have been having a very nostalgic day today,due to the fact that i have learned so much but to a level of disappointment, since it is sad to know how people can be crude to each other, but i mean even I who is seeing it,do it. even without noticing it. Today english class was so frsutrating, i was seriously so lost and confused and a classmate made upset for a rude comment he said and whilst on the bus on my way back home I kept getting teary eyed over and over again. Now I can't just sit and cry about it, I will do somethings.Since tomorrow I have no school, I am hoping to do all these things but most importantly homework, because I do not want to be doing homework on a Sunday afternoon, i want to break that habit of sitting on Sundays afternoon having to do homework and classify Sundays as homework days, because it truly does not have to be like that!
One thing i really have been longing for is finding good friends over here, which has been hard, but maybe I just have to be talkative and less timid.
Anyways, while on a social media network, i ran into some girl named Lauren's blog& I am finding it very inspirational, you guys should check it out!

As of today, I am still trying to see how will I get more pictures of myself up on this blog hahaha since I don't have a camera or anything like it, so meanwhile I will keep on looking :)

Goodnight my dear readers!

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