Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Post Day.

WELL Obama is back in the white house,although he never left c;
Yesterday was my first time voting and it felt nice to have a voice in democracy! hahahaa.
AND Prop 30 passed as well so my roommate and I are very happy about it! And I am sure every other college student is delighted by those news as well!
I have been very busy these past weeks.
With my job and school.
I shouldn't even be on here really, I should be reading for Philosophy since I didn't do so well in midterms :(
I am too happy for reading right now!
My mom said she is coming to visit me on Monday which makes me very happy happy!!! :D
Although I wish I could go over there, home, to Los Angeles!
But in time I will!
Hopefully tomorrow at work they let me take next weekend off!!!
Crossing my fingers they will!!!

Two Sundays ago I got to experience the pride San Francisco People have for their baseball team the San Francisco Giants! They won World Series and at the time I was at a bar with a good friend of mine and as soon as it got announced that they had won, I kid you not. the WHOLE CROWD WENT CRAZZZY!
Riots on the streets! The whole enchilada! hahahaha.
It was amazing!
And going to the Giants Parade Halloween morning was a nice experience as well!
My roommate and I were suffocating hahahhahhaa.
it was well worth it though.

Hope everyone had a rather exciting Halloween and are enjoying this November weather!

Goodnight everyone!:)