Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Post Day.

WELL Obama is back in the white house,although he never left c;
Yesterday was my first time voting and it felt nice to have a voice in democracy! hahahaa.
AND Prop 30 passed as well so my roommate and I are very happy about it! And I am sure every other college student is delighted by those news as well!
I have been very busy these past weeks.
With my job and school.
I shouldn't even be on here really, I should be reading for Philosophy since I didn't do so well in midterms :(
I am too happy for reading right now!
My mom said she is coming to visit me on Monday which makes me very happy happy!!! :D
Although I wish I could go over there, home, to Los Angeles!
But in time I will!
Hopefully tomorrow at work they let me take next weekend off!!!
Crossing my fingers they will!!!

Two Sundays ago I got to experience the pride San Francisco People have for their baseball team the San Francisco Giants! They won World Series and at the time I was at a bar with a good friend of mine and as soon as it got announced that they had won, I kid you not. the WHOLE CROWD WENT CRAZZZY!
Riots on the streets! The whole enchilada! hahahaha.
It was amazing!
And going to the Giants Parade Halloween morning was a nice experience as well!
My roommate and I were suffocating hahahhahhaa.
it was well worth it though.

Hope everyone had a rather exciting Halloween and are enjoying this November weather!

Goodnight everyone!:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This was me almost a year ago, this past December actually.WITH long hair.
I was getting ready for Winter Formal!
What do you guys think?
major change?
This is me now.

The xx

I went to this Festival in San Francisco on Sunday called Treasure Island Festival by myself.
I got to see Best Coast,M83 and finally The xx!!!!


Besides the fact that i was scared as shit going back home at 1 A.M in the morning all went well!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


guys guys!
so I am EXCITED, as I am getting ready for my interview for Banana Republic, in downtown San Francisco!
All I wish is for the best and to come home knowing I am employed!!!
Wish me luck,and have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rough Day.

I have been having a very nostalgic day today,due to the fact that i have learned so much but to a level of disappointment, since it is sad to know how people can be crude to each other, but i mean even I who is seeing it,do it. even without noticing it. Today english class was so frsutrating, i was seriously so lost and confused and a classmate made upset for a rude comment he said and whilst on the bus on my way back home I kept getting teary eyed over and over again. Now I can't just sit and cry about it, I will do somethings.Since tomorrow I have no school, I am hoping to do all these things but most importantly homework, because I do not want to be doing homework on a Sunday afternoon, i want to break that habit of sitting on Sundays afternoon having to do homework and classify Sundays as homework days, because it truly does not have to be like that!
One thing i really have been longing for is finding good friends over here, which has been hard, but maybe I just have to be talkative and less timid.
Anyways, while on a social media network, i ran into some girl named Lauren's blog& I am finding it very inspirational, you guys should check it out!

As of today, I am still trying to see how will I get more pictures of myself up on this blog hahaha since I don't have a camera or anything like it, so meanwhile I will keep on looking :)

Goodnight my dear readers!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Windy Days.

School starts at 4 pm today so i have just been at home doing homework and eating!
I ate tuna today and peanut butter sandwich with strawberries!
I have been listening to the xx all this while! If you have not yet, listen to it! for it is my favorite band! the xx, and their new album coexist.

the xx- sunset is currently playing! it reminds me old friend. 
well anywho, have a great day everyone!
The weather is cold today!!!:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hey Guys! It has been almost 3 months since i haven't updated from my first post! hahaha,well A LOT has happened! but first of all lets start by saying i am now living in San Francisco! I went from graduating High School, to leaving away for college all under two months!
I have to say i did have a lot of fun this past summer, although it was HOT, I enjoyed the time spent with the people I love!
Must I add, I learned so much these past months and i still am, not school wise but 'life' wise you can say.
I am really looking to find great friends here in S.F that enjoy doing the same activities as myself!
Also looking forward to start a modeling career on the side! modeling has been one of my biggest dreams, it never seemed reachable but you HAVE to make it so!
I will also try my hardest to update my posts! I only have one!
Anyways,i really enjoy San Francisco weather!
The people are super nice as well! My roommates are all nice people.
I do miss my friends though, my best friend Ziggy and my friend Kiana! And of course, my family at home...

School has treated me fine! Teachers are great!

Another thing i have done this summer is cut my hair!
My attempt to look like Emma Watson's pixie.hahaha i really like it, but sometimes I see girls with looooong hair and I want it all back! but it will grow, with time!

Also, moving away has taught me that managing your budget is important. and I feel like i have been eating healthier! which is a PLUS! and a whooooole lot of walking! UP hills and DOWN hills!

Anyways, what have you guys been up to?! :) Have a great night everyone!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Post!

hello everyone! just wanted to wish everyone a great day.and hope all of you are enjoying today. its cinco de mayo by the way, the day Mexico and France were at war, this is my first post and i'm basically going to include everything that happens on a daily basis. and you'll probably be seeing a lot of pictures with my best friend Ziggy and I.
- Kikki